Coding with the Knight Knerds


I had the chance over the past three weeks to get back to teaching by doing a few coding classes with the Knight fellows. Our Wednesday night tech sessions have been dubbed Knight Knerds, and I offered a series of workshops to introduce HTML, CSS, forms and JavaScript. The final lesson of the series culminated with a new charting exercise that I tested that combined all the elements. It was challenging and fast paced, but six brave souls made it through all three classes, with several others dropping in for one or two of the sessions. The group did a great job, and it was exciting to hear all the squeals of delight as they each got their code to work. I really appreciate their time, attention and enthusiasm. I solicited comments and feedback and got some really helpful suggestions, too. I hope these skills will be helpful to them in telling stories, thinking about presenting data and collaborating with tech resources. Enjoy some photos and tweets from the sessions (thanks for the photos Camille Seaman, Aela Callan and Martin Kotynek.