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Looks like this is the last week to comment on SXSW panels, and there are several more that I identified in my perusing of the Panel Picker. You can see my first batch of picks on an earlier post, but here are another 20 or so more that I also think are cool.

Excellent People I Admire
PyLadies: Using Enthusiasm to Diversity Python – Features Katherine Jarmul of Loud3r

Longhorn Startup Rodeo – Features Bob Metcalfe, UT Professor and Internet Pioneer; Bob’s doing great things with fostering the startup scene in Austin.

Give Fans a Reason to Buy; Make Direct-to-Fan Work – I haven’t had much time to focus on the music panels (the music panels below are music-themed panels in Interactive), but this one looks great. Brendan Moore of Receptive Music hosts folks from Pledge Music, Topspin and more.

Open-Web, Open-News: Reporters and Developers Remix – Mozilla

Google + for your Organization: Pivoting on People – Ronald Ho from Google

What the Heck Happened to the Open Social Web? – Google and Mozilla

The Google+ Design Team Tells All – Google team, including Andy Hertzfield

The Social Mobile Revolution – features Gareth Davis from Facebook

Social Design Strategy – also Facebook people

Intellectual Property Issues in Social Media – features people from a variety of universities and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Music (proposed in Interactive)
Can Social Save the Music Industry – Rdio, and Songkick

Data Mining Music – The Echo Nest

Programming & Development
Backdoor to the AppStore: Build Apps Without XCode – Paypal

Mobile Apps Must Die – Frog Design

CMS Showdown

Mad CSS3 Skillz – always love tutorials and workshops

HTML5 and CSS3: Does “Now” Really Mean “Now” – Oh, the browser issues.

Designing Experiences for Women – Happy Cog

Why Women Fail to Rule the Social Networks

Let’s Stop Bitching and Start Learning – Girl Develop It

Why the Future Favors the Ways of Women – Young & Rubicam

That should do it. Make sure you also view my earlier post , for more recommendations. Of course, there’s my panel proposal “Covering SXSW: Social Media & Experience Learning.” I’ve had some really insightful comments from students who have participated in the project. Would love it if you’d check it out, vote or comment. I think the panel picker closes on Friday Sept 2 (but don’t be surprised if they extend the deadline), so get your votes in for your favorites now!

Thanks for reading!