Watch the Video

Now, if you want to see the video of the WWDC Keynote, it’s here.

And just like that, 3G iphone is here:

These images were on the Apple Store within minutes of Jobs finishing the keynote: Features: as expected 3G service – did lots of comparisons, Jobs actually called it “amazingly zippy.” Longer battery life GPS Lower price!!! $199 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB, plus 16GB avail in white But no video, camcorder capabilities. Why?!! And, not …

Follow the WWDC

Not sure what is the best place to get Apple info today. I’m following the twitter feed on Summize and checking the Fortune blog . Silicon Alley Insider says they are live blogging, too. It all goes down at noon our time (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern). I’ll post first images from the Apple Store as …

Obama on Net Neutrality

While I wait for WWDC to begin, I thought I’d post this video of Barack Obama’s position on net neutrality. Make sure you vote for someone who has a least used the Internet a few times!  This is an important issue. [youtube =] More net neutrality vids to come.